Hello from The Natural Mummy

I am excited to start The Natural Mummy Files which I have started to record our days as well my life and thoughts on mothering.

I have been a mum for nearly 13 years and I have four girls who I refer to on this blog by their nicknames. They are Bonnie, Coco, Picki and Boom Boom.

I consider myself to be a natural parent, to me which means I try to parent the way nature intended. This is a difficult task in today’s world but I am passionate about it and always learning. I beleive in trusting children and allowing them to be themselves, giving them as much freedom as possible whilst guiding them through life and bringing as much joy into their lives as I can. We are being pretty much baby/child led with everything. We home educate and take a natural learning approach (often called unschooling). Put simply this means we do not folow any curriculum and learn through life, although there is much more to it than that, hopefully I will get to talk more about this in future blog posts.

What are some other natural approaches to mothering I take? I breastfeed my youngest three girls. I beleive in natural term weaning which is child led. This means my children decide when to wean. It doesnt mean they can all breastfeed whenever they want, I have needs too and they eat lots of other food, but breastfeeding is an important part of their lives so I allow them to wean when they are ready.

My children still share my bed. Mainly my youngest two. Boom Boom who is 1 sleeps with me all night and Picki who is 4 comes in after a few hours most nights. The others are welcome in the night too but usually stay in their beds. I have no rush to get them out of my bed. I have never sleep trained them as I trust they will sleep through when they are ready. It is completely natural for them to want to be close to their mum all night. It wont last forever, plus I get the most wonderful sleepy cuddles.

I dont know what is the best word to use for the way I interact with and approach discipline with my children, but I try my best to be a thoughtful, gentle and mindful. I avoid usuing punishment and rewards as a way to coerce and control behaviour. I prefer to get to the root cause of any difficulties and beleive that children/people do not behave well by being made to feel bad or wrong. Love and compassion begets love and compassion. This is the biggest work in progress for me.

That was a snippet into my life as a mother and I look forward to sharing more about our life.